What is in super tren

In this form, ToQ-Oh's reach has more than doubled, allowing him to hit his foes without being so close.  It's finisher is the Car Carrier Dash ( カーキャリアダッシュ , Kā Kyariā Dasshu ) , where ToQ-Oh launches the 5 cars in the Car Carrier Ressha at the target like missiles.  The Car Carrier Dash was later altered into the  Imagination Car Shurikens ( イマジネイションカー手裏剣 , Imajineishon Kā Shuriken )  where Kagura uses her Imagination powers to imagine herself as a ninja and launch the cars in the Car Carrier Ressha like shuriken for a long range attack. 

if barindex < 2 then     T = 1     L1 = low     H1 = high Else     if T[1] = 1 then        if close > L1[1] then
          L1 = MAX(L1[1],medianprice - a*b)
          ST = L1
          H1 = medianprice + a*b
          ST = H1
          T = -1
       if close < H1[1] then           H1 = MIN(H1[1],medianprice + a*b)           ST = H1        Else           L1 = medianprice - a* b           ST = L1           T = 1        endif     endif Endif Return ST  

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What is in super tren

what is in super tren


what is in super trenwhat is in super trenwhat is in super trenwhat is in super trenwhat is in super tren