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At your next editorial meeting, perhaps you could discuss a small amendment to your house style to use a better notation for f-numbers. The '' notation you use confuses a lot of people into thinking that aperture is measured in units of F. Hasselblad gets it right. In their release above the refer to 'The XCD 135mm f/' and so on. This is easy for people to understand as a formula, where 'f' is the focal length. I discussed this once with one of your staff (as I remember, Richard) who agreed that the 'f/' notation is clearer, but said he couldn't do much because it was your house style. Maybe you could change your house style?
A small point maybe, but anything that makes it easier for people to understand should be welcomed.
Sorry, a bit OT here, but just seeing the contrast between what you wrote and Hasselblad's release brought it to mind,

What color is anadrol

what color is anadrol


what color is anadrolwhat color is anadrolwhat color is anadrolwhat color is anadrolwhat color is anadrol