Tren hex cycle length

I hate to break it to you brother but I dont trust ANY sources gear, not yours, not the #1 guy, none of them. Im not there when the stuff is made so every time I pin all can do is HOPE that it is what it says it is. For those that are really concerned http:///forum/steroids-qa/anabolic-steroids/getting-gear-tested
I know if I was spending money out the ass on gear I would be making sure it is what its supposed to be. As for USP you could always post up your concerns in the source to source section and call out these SUSPECTED sources and maybe they can defend themselves...

Decided to try OS as my gh source and i am glad that i did. I ordered a few genotropin pens. With a discount it is a great value. At first i was sceptical because i read info on fake genotropin pens. Good thing that i do full blood work often. Before starting gh my baseline igf-1 was at 230. I have been taking daily gh for almost 4 weeks now. I ramped up quickly to IUs without much side effects. Last week i tested igf-1 at 537. This a
Is a damn good number for IUs. Overall i feel great. So far i am gaining weight constatly due to heavy lifting and good diet. This stuff is potent. I shoot the whole dose before sleep because that is the safest way. I wake up without my arms every morning. Well it feels that way at least. Will order more soon.

Tren hex cycle length

tren hex cycle length


tren hex cycle lengthtren hex cycle length