Test prop quad pain

First, go to the Failsafe tab, and check the “Minimum length” in the valid pulse range settings area: By default, this is set to 875, the lowest possible pulse value. You want to make sure that when you shut off your transmitter, the pulse value on the throttle channel falls below the length specified in the picture above. You can do this by going to the Receiver tab, shutting of your transmitter, and observing the pulse value on the Throttle channel after the transmitter has fully powered off. If the pulse value does not change at all, you did not configure the failsafe on your RC RX correctly, you should consult the set-up guide or manual for that first.

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The DJI Phantom Quad copter with Go Pro Mount Version is a quad-rotor RC helicopter that acts as an aerial platform for a Go Pro HERO action camera. This product will appeal to a variety of potential users, from RC aircraft hobbyists seeking the ability to mount a camera so they can record their flights, to videographers and photographers looking to open up a whole new range of shooting possibilities. Version of The DJI Phantom adds a number of small upgrades over previous versions for easier set-up and more-reliable performance. New, Self Tightening propeller blades make set-up easy and protect against loose propeller blades causing in-flight vibrations. New Dual Receivers in the Phantom and a new transmitter with an upgraded circuit board help increase the Phantoms operating range and help protect against wireless interference. And the new Naza-M V2 GPS autopilot software has better control and more accurate GPS stabilization. The Phantom can achieve a maximum horizontal flight speed of 33 ft./s and can ascend and descend at up to 20 ft./s. It comes with Transmitter (TX) that features an operational range of up to 984' line-of-sight. The controller draws power from readily available AA batteries. Please note that many Wi-Fi systems, including the Wi-Fi used on Go Pro HERO cameras, also operate on and may interfere with the transmitter. Take care to ensure the Go Pro' s Wi-Fi is turned off with operating this quad copter.

Test prop quad pain

test prop quad pain


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