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PROPELLER COVERS The new Mercury Racing CNC Prop Cover features the Mercury Racing® logo silk-screened on a heavy-duty nylon material. The tough nylon shell resists tearing and is waterproof to protect your propeller from the elements. The new cover is designed for use with Mercury Racing 5-blade and 6-blade CNC Cleaver propellers. PROP STOW™ Secure Investment: The Prop Stow™ secures spare Mercury propellers while under way. Get the maximum performance out of your hull. Contact Scott Reichow (920) 924-2037 for additional information and price quotes on the full line of Mercury Racing propellers and custom lab finishing services.

Dimensional Measuring Tools – Micrometers, Indicators, Calipers, Height Gages, Gage Blocks, Standard Rods
Torque Wrenches / Torque Calibrators (up to 2,000 ft.-lbs.)
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Vibration Equipment – Vibration Meters, Vibration Balances and Simulators (shaker tables) Transducers – Accelerometers, Velocity, Displacement, Force
Gas Detection – Alarms, Combustible or Toxic Gas Monitors / Explosion (LEL) Meters
Tachometers / Strobes – Digital and Mechanical
Tank Gauges – Gauge Tapes (liquid level)
Mass Calibration – Weights, Weigh Scales, Balances
Force Tension or Compression (100k) – Dynamometers, Force Gauges, Load Cells

Test prop quad injection pain

test prop quad injection pain


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