Test prop mast results

I recently ran the bomb labs mast prop and honestly be,I've its the best mast I have ever used. I was pinning 80mg eod and within a few hours after every injection I got a big spike in my sex drive. It was to the point I was like a raging animal, I was walking around with half a hard on and needed sex immediately. This happened consistently several hours after every shot. The mast also brought out some nice vascularity, I had more veins in my arms than usual and I got two veins bulging in my mid section. Those veins only come out when I'm real vascular. Luckily for me I don't get any negative sides from mast and never noticed a single hair fall out,

They always keep you in the loop. They never blow you off so if you ever see a negative review stating that they are not responding they are not talking about Pharmacom or they are just a salty ass liar. Pharmacom don't Fuck around even if it's a promo and they Are giving the shit away they still treat you like a paying customer. You are treated the same if you place a small order or a very large order. You are attended to in the order your payment goes threw they package it and ship don't see dollar amounts on the packing line they see product numbers and quantities of that product and then they ship it simple as that.

Test prop mast results

test prop mast results


test prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast resultstest prop mast results