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Knowing your goals isn't disrespectful. I can easily bump to 215...but feel great when i was 205 cut. Dont start your adex til you need to. Prop is drier....might not need it til week 3. Know estro signs and post questions even if you get barked at. Better than a big error. Have you researched your pin points and proper pin sizes? Rotations? I did multipin my second cycle and its a pain in the ass...legss ...shoulders. Lol. Food dictates your gains. High protein and low carbs will get you cut and built. Gallon water per day minimum and low salt. That helps keep you from bloat and you'll cut faster.

Proposition 65’s warning requirement has provided an incentive for manufacturers to remove listed chemicals from their products. For example, trichloroethylene, which causes cancer, is no longer used in most correction fluids; reformulated paint strippers do not contain the carcinogen methylene chloride; and toluene, which causes birth defects or other reproductive harm, has been removed from many nail care products. In addition, a Proposition 65 enforcement action prompted manufacturers to decrease the lead content in ceramic tableware and wineries to eliminate the use of lead-containing foil caps on wine bottles.

Test prop info

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