Test prop 18 years old

OK.......using prop eod at 100mg for 3 weeks while using Test C is very common. It's called a "kicker". It kick starts the cycle hence the fast esters while waiting for the long ester of cypionate to kick in..why your idea is wrong is because you said you were going to BEGIN the cypionate on the third week. It takes that long for the cypionate to build up. You want to start the cypionate the same week you start the prop otherwise your test is going to drop substantially that 3rd week when you start the prop. I go 4 weeks of prop 100mg eod as a kicker while pinning 500mgof test C a week split into 2 250mg injections..I continue the cypionate for an additional 8 to 10 weeks. I don't use much aas and I don't use for very long periods and get great results. Diet and training is 80% of it..hope that helps. About to hit legs..I'll help ya more later if needed..or hit Rusty up..he knows more than I do.

Following the successful launch of the series yesterday, several members of the Star Trek: Discovery production team released a number of exciting behind-the-scenes images via their personal twitter accounts.  A selection of these photos are reproduced below, with special thanks and congratulations on their exceptional work to Olatunde Osunsanmi (Producer and Director), Aaron Baiers (Producer), Ted Sullivan (Co-Executive Producer), Glenn Hetrick (Makeup Designer), and Doug Jones (actor, Lt. Saru).  According to the ratings so far, million viewers tuned in to the pilot on CBS ...

This final shot provides a close up view of the contents of Captain Georgiou's bookshelf, which is overflowing in its tribute to TOS ...

Test prop 18 years old

test prop 18 years old


test prop 18 years oldtest prop 18 years oldtest prop 18 years oldtest prop 18 years oldtest prop 18 years old