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The aluminium frame and swingarm are good to shout about down the pub – most of its competitors run with steel tube frames and box-section swingarms. The rest of the bike is fairly standard stuff, literally. It’s easy to say the FZ8 is a ‘parts bin’ special because… erm, it is: FZ1 engine cases, FZ1 rear light, XJ front wheel, XJ6 headlight, FZ clocks (new background display though), ye olde R1 front brakes and so on. New technology comes with the length of the of inlet stacks 2 and 3 cylinders are long, 1 and 4 are shorter, again for improved midrange drive. Shock, horror, but the in-line four FZ8 doesn’t even have an Exup exhaust valve. Instead the downpipes are thin and the longest on any Yamaha to date.
The FZ8 Fazer gets the obligatory half-fairing that does a damn fine job of prolonged high speed riding light work, which is particularly useful for commuting. The UK Fazer will be the only model that comes with ABS as standard. Compare and buy parts for the FZ8 in the MCN Shop.

Monday morning I was still bleeding profusely, so my oldest daughter Natalie called where I worked and reported me ill.  Then both girls left for school.  I managed to dress, get in the car, and start it.  Even though our family doctor was only about five blocks away in the same subdivision where we lived, it took me nearly half an hour to drive there.  The road kept “jumping around” in front of me and sounds were different.  Strange geometric figures zigged and zagged before my eyes and the houses on either side of the street kept changing shape.  I was also in a great deal of pain and lacked coordination.  When the office nurse saw me, she shrieked and ushered me right in.  The doctor laughed uproariously when I told him what had happened.  He really chortled about all that pain and blood for just one night of sex that I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy.  To him that was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard of; and I must admit that when I saw myself through his eyes, I did indeed appear to be a stupid, naive fool with a ridiculous story to tell.

Prop injection lump

prop injection lump


prop injection lumpprop injection lump