Injectible steroids

This form of fentanyl comes as a lozenge on a plastic stick administered under the tongue like a lollipop. It is used for patients already on pain-relieving medications and has some military applications.

  • Duragesic The fentanyl patch was introduced in the 1990s. It is prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain and its effects can last for up to 3 days.
  • Sublimaze Generally administered in hospitals, sometimes alongside anesthetics, Sublimaze is the injectible form of fentanyl. It is used to manage pain before and after surgeries.
  • Subsys Subsys is a sublingual spray administered under a patient’s tongue to deliver immediate pain relief. Its purpose is to treat breakthrough cancer pain.
  • Abstral Also used for opioid-tolerant patients with breakthrough cancer pain, Abstral is the quick-dissolve tablet version of fentanyl and is placed under the tongue for immediate relief.
  • Lazanda Lazanda is a fentanyl nasal spray administered in the same manner as a common nasal decongestant spray. It is predominantly used to treat pain in cancer patients.
  • Fentanyl works by blocking pain receptors in the brain and increasing production of the happiness-inducing chemical dopamine. Street names for fentanyl include apache, China girl, China white, dance fever, TNT and crush.

    Methods of Use : while some users do actually ingest pills, many prefer to crush and snort them when possible, although most modern pharmaceutical companies now produce specially-formulated medications that make this task difficult or impossible. Associated Equipment : pill bottles, razor blades and credit cards to cut and set out lines, mirrors, CD & DVD cases and other similar portable surfaces used for processing individual portions, short glasses of water to help aid in insufflation, straws and rolled up currency for snorting, etc.

    Injectible steroids

    injectible steroids


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