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4. If you are sponsored by a relative (who is not your parent) or other person:

     a. An official letter from your sponsor's bank indicating that there is a minimum balance of $19,233 on the account. This letter should be in English and should be no more than 6 months old. Instead of the letter from the bank, you can also provide a recent official statement that they may regularly receive from the bank that shows available funds.
     b. An official “ Affidavit of support Form ” from your sponsor indicating specifically what s/he is willing to provide (for example, “all educational and living costs” or “tuition only”) and for how long. They must also state the dollar amount that they will be providing for your support. Please note that if your sponsor is not paying for all of your expenses, we will need an explanation from you of how your remaining costs will be met. Although the Affidavit of Support form is intended for . citizens and Permanent Residents, we will accept it from a non-US resident. Information about funds in the . can be substituted by funds in the sponsor's country.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Providing financial documents from persons only for the purpose of obtaining admission and an I-20 document if that person has no intention of supporting a student will be considered as submission of fraudulent documentation by our office.

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Does tren have testosterone in it

does tren have testosterone in it


does tren have testosterone in itdoes tren have testosterone in itdoes tren have testosterone in itdoes tren have testosterone in itdoes tren have testosterone in it