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Wanted your opinion.,, I’m looking to purchase an engagement ring and have been looking for approx. 6 months. I have one in mind, I may be purchasing later this week. I’m looking to purchase from local jewelry store with good reputation: 14 ct white gold setting 2 rows of small round diamonds underneath the single solitaire which is a ct emerald step cut diamond, Color G, SI2 total ct weight is . It is a certified diamond (GSI). They describe the ring setting as water under the bridge because small round diamonds run underneath it, the solitaire is surrounded by round diamonds as well. Does $4,499 sound like a good deal? It does have a lot of sparkle to it and looking under a microscope only has small inclusion. Please give me your honest opinion.

If everyone you know seems to be moving to Raleigh, there’s a reason: North Carolina’s capital is often listed as one of the best places in the . to live and, thanks to a booming tech industry, boasts one of the best employment markets in the country. The influx of jobs and money means the city has become pretty vibrant over the last few years—and some say the culinary scene is one of the most underrated in the country. That’s thanks in part, no doubt, to 2014 James Beard Award–winner Ashley Christensen , who owns six highly acclaimed local restaurants (including Death & Taxes, Beasley’s Chicken and Honey, and Poole’s). Foodies will also love the 30,000-square-foot State Farmers’ Market , which sells produce, meats, cheese, and specialty items from local growers and makers. To soak up the city’s balmy southeast weather, take a stroll through Duke Gardens . With 55 acres of specialty gardens—including a moss garden, peony garden, and carnivorous plant garden—it’s no wonder locals consider it one of the city’s gems.

Ebay used to be a class site, fair to all buyers and sellers. Now they just installed the requirement that if I sell you a record,say $10 plus $4 postage, and you get it and don’t want it I must refund you all your original money (which I don’t mind) PLUS I must pay for your return postage. Now I have a $4 loser. Where is that fair? You realize how many people are going to make a career out of that? I have been in the music memorabilia business since 1977, I know how goofy people can be. I also own a franchise restaurant and I see goofy people every day. Ebay is trying to control every seller they have. A lot of the big sellers have left them and went on their own, and I know others who are looking into what I am doing. Also eBay has decided to remove Pay Pal from it’s main holding company and make it a separate company AGAIN, and you know what that will mean, a bigger cut for them. Just tired of them and their disliking of the people who go out and dig all the stuff up and take hours to list it to be partners with them and they dump all over MORE EBAY! Wish someone else had the moxie to open up against them. Thank you for answering my question, I’ll keep working the internet and check the site you gave me. Best, Mike

Best place to buy testosterone enanthate

best place to buy testosterone enanthate


best place to buy testosterone enanthatebest place to buy testosterone enanthatebest place to buy testosterone enanthatebest place to buy testosterone enanthatebest place to buy testosterone enanthate